The Happiest Place On Earth!

Carmen Perez in Norway
Carmen Perez in Oslo, Norway

I had made plans months ago to move to Norway this March with my guy Sigurd, and we just did. He’s Norwegian and we just decided to leave Los Angeles, at least for a while. A few days before leaving California, the United Nations voted Norway as the Happiest Country On Earth! Seeking for more happiness has always been my motto, so I guess my gut is leading me in the right direction. We arrived and the very next day happened to be the warmest and most beautiful day of the year so far plus the first day of Spring out here. I’m still a bit jet-lagged and have a lot to do to settle here but I’m truly happy and excited for our new adventure. I’ll be sharing more on this new experience and what’s coming next very soon. In the mean time, I’ll share some pictures and things. Cheers to happiness! 😉

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